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La Muela F3F 2011

22 - 23 April 2011


Vic Eldridge flying his ASW 27

Another Easter, and another great visit to La Muela! Fifty one pilots from all over Europe attended the F3F competition this year.

The competition was very well organised and despite the lack of flying on the second day, we got in more than enough rounds to get a result. The only problem was the weather interruption towards the end of the first day which led to inevitable grumbles depending on which side of the rain one was flying! Nevertheless the top positions were well deserved, with Andreas Fricke taking the crown.

Apart from the competition and great sport flying, the trip was also notable for the fantastic hospitality we received from our Spanish friends, so my special thanks to them - gracias, nos pasamos muy bien!

Results (top 10 of 50):

1 Andreas Fricke 3785.17
2 Gerardo Plaza Lozano 3610.65
3 Andoni Gorrinobeaskoa   3567.69
4 Sergio Sanchez Conde 3544.31
5 Sebastien Pericou 3531.47
6 Philippe Lanes 3517.75
7 Espen Torp 3482.71
8 Laurent Lombardo 3479.48
9 Alexis Marechal 3475.04
10  Yves Tirand 3469.98

The Competition

Variable conditions on the first day caught out some of the top pilots.

IMGP1229.jpg IMGP1220.jpg IMGP1276.jpg IMGP1198-Edit.jpg IMGP1203.jpg
IMGP1218.jpg IMGP1214.jpg IMGP1286.jpg IMGP1224.jpg IMGP1175.jpg
IMGP1231.jpg IMGP1238.jpg IMGP1256.jpg IMGP1257.jpg IMGP1269.jpg
IMGP1274.jpg IMGP1288.jpg IMGP1341.jpg IMGP1364.jpg IMGP1370.jpg

Fun Flying after the competition

How to get a smile on your face!

IMGP0950.jpg IMGP0994.jpg IMGP0998.jpg IMGP1145.jpg IMGP1147.jpg
IMGP1171.jpg IMGP1326.jpg IMGP1329.jpg IMGP1346.jpg IMGP1351.jpg
IMGP1383.jpg IMGP1430.jpg IMGP1437.jpg IMGP1443.jpg IMGP1457.jpg
IMGP1458.jpg IMGP1471.jpg IMGP1551.jpg IMGP1569.jpg IMGP1588.jpg
IMGP1673.jpg IMGP1677.jpg IMGP1702.jpg IMGP1707.jpg IMGP1752.jpg
IMGP1754.jpg IMGP1761.jpg IMGP1782.jpg IMGP1811.jpg IMGP1821.jpg

Other activities

Food stuff. Bar stuff. Serious stuff!

IMGP0837.jpg IMGP0922.jpg IMGP0927.jpg IMGP1305.jpg IMGP1309.jpg
IMGP1319.jpg IMGP1526.jpg IMGP1639.jpg IMGP1646.jpg IMGP1834.jpg
IMGP1940.jpg IMGP1966.jpg IMGP1963.jpg IMGP1978.jpg IMGP1404.jpg


Includes some images I shot during an excursion to Valverde de los Arroyos, in the 'Arcitectura Negra' region. It's a strange mixture of Wales and Switzerland, with its chalet-style houses made of stone and with slate roofs. It's about 30 minutes drive from La Muela.

IMGP1415.jpg IMGP1489.jpg IMGP1532.jpg IMGP1579.jpg IMGP1582.jpg
IMGP1653.jpg IMGP1657.jpg IMGP1661.jpg IMGP1720.jpg IMGP1945.jpg

Guadalajara and Humanes

As usual we stayed in the Hotel Infante in Guadalajara. It's near the old part of the town. Humanes is the last town of any significance before you reach La Muela, and it's where we go for provisions.

IMGP1054.jpg IMGP1517.jpg IMGP1518.jpg IMGP1851.jpg IMGP1862.jpg
IMGP1885.jpg IMGP1078.jpg IMGP1899.jpg IMGP1904.jpg IMGP1916.jpg
IMGP1924.jpg IMGP1938.jpg IMGP1159.jpg IMGP1525.jpg IMGP1531.jpg
IMGP1735.jpg IMGP1740.jpg

Hi res images

High res images my SmugMug space