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2012 Slopeglide

4-5 August 2012

Doing a run at the back of the wrecker

A thunderous weekend

Slopeglide is a new event on the calendar. It takes place over two days, and is part of the mini-league of two-day events which contribute to the overall BMFA league championship.

In addition to the usual F3F contest, the idea was to run an aerobatic competition on the Saturday afternoon. A great idea which unfortunately couldn't be tested because the wind dropped.

Day 1

The proceedings started at the Back of the Wrecker. Phil Taylor took the inaugural round, with a 43.2. Joel West won two further rounds, while Paul Garnett and Mark Redsell took one each. After five rounds Joel was in the lead closely followed Mark, Paul, Adam and Martin.

Day 2

After a delay waiting for the wind to make up its mind, we again assembled again at the Back of the Wrecker for Sunday's session. However, only two rounds were flown. Adam Richardson won the first round, and Mark Redsell took the other. At which point the heavens opened, thunder clapped, lightning struck, the rain came down and turned to hail. The competition was abandoned.

Some thoughts

My thanks to Andrzej, Martin, Adam, John T and Clayt and all who who helped with the organisation. Although the aerobatic competition didn't materialise, John Bennett's demo of the schedule proved invaluable - a few pilots will surely now be honing their aerobatic skills!


Pilot           score 
==============  =======
1 J West        5703.69
2 M Redsell     5693.73
3 A Richardson  5558.25
4 P Garnett     5514.90
5 M Abbotts     5326.29
6 M Evans       5312.92
7 M Newnham     5287.48
8 F Hulton      5260.59
9 M Shellim     5240.00
10 P Taylor     5116.55
11 C Landells   5071.96
12 M Walsh      5057.40
13 J Bennett    5039.83
14 D Wright     5028.82
15 A Tabero     4946.87
16 I Mason      4927.46
17 M Treble     4856.02
18 D Rumble     4853.40
19 T MacPherson 4806.91
20 T Robertson  4733.71
21 P Burgess    4510.93
22 S Streetly   4412.72
23 J Cubitt     4071.77
24 J Treble     3477.11
25 A Evans      1424.67 


High resolution images are on my SmugMug site