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2006 BMFA League 6

Whopping conditions on Saturday on the Crest saw a fitting climax to the EPP60 league, with Andy Ellison (Half Pipe) winning the day. There was lots of incident which cost several pilots valuable league points, but the racing was some of the fastest anyone can remember - a great advert for EPP!

The event also decided the EPP60 league, with Paul Wright taking the league trophy, Alex McMeekin runner up and John Bennett third. Well done chaps. A special thanks too to Paul Wright for running the league to such good effect.

Sunday's F3F was delayed while the organisers waited for the wind to shift off the Crest onto the south side of the Wrecker - a wise move as it turned out, in any case some pilots were a bit knackered after the previous day's yomp. After a rather feeble start characterised by wildly varying air, conditions improved for the final couple of rounds. Highlight was undoubtedly Greg's monstrous 39 - which included a cut! Greg was flying his gorgeous white Acacia 2. Mark Southall (Skorpion) was the winner followed by Greg and Mike Evans (Sting).

A lot of physical work is involved in carting gear across the hills, so a big thanks to Andrzej, Kevin et al for an efficiently run weekend.

Full results are here

Photos are divided into three groups

Saturday EPP 60

IMGP4353_RS.jpg IMGP4311_RS.jpg IMGP4312_RS.jpg IMGP4314_RS.jpg IMGP4325_RS.jpg
IMGP4326_RS.jpg IMGP4327_RS.jpg IMGP4328_RS.jpg IMGP4331_RS.jpg IMGP4332_RS.jpg
IMGP4335_RS.jpg IMGP4338_RS.jpg IMGP4340_RS.jpg IMGP4347_RS.jpg IMGP4350_RS.jpg
IMGP4385_RS.jpg IMGP4386_RS.jpg IMGP4387_RS.jpg IMGP4388_RS.jpg IMGP4389_RS.jpg
IMGP4390_RS.jpg IMGP4391_RS.jpg IMGP4392_RS.jpg IMGP4393_RS.jpg

Sunday F3F

IMGP4395_RS.jpg IMGP4400_RS.jpg IMGP4401_RS.jpg IMGP4405_RS.jpg IMGP4407_RS.jpg
IMGP4408_RS.jpg IMGP4412_RS.jpg IMGP4414_RS.jpg IMGP4417_RS.jpg IMGP4422_RS.jpg
IMGP4423_RS.jpg IMGP4431_RS.jpg IMGP4433_RS.jpg IMGP4434_RS.jpg IMGP4437_RS.jpg
IMGP4440_RS.jpg IMGP4442_RS.jpg IMGP4444_RS.jpg IMGP4446_RS.jpg IMGP4447_RS.jpg

After hours

IMGP4358_RS.jpg IMGP4359_RS.jpg IMGP4361_RS.jpg IMGP4362_RS.jpg IMGP4364_RS.jpg
IMGP4365_RS.jpg IMGP4371_RS.jpg IMGP4376_RS.jpg IMGP4378_RS.jpg IMGP4384_RS.jpg
IMGP4449_RS.jpg IMGP4458_RS.jpg