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2005 English Open F3F

20/21 August 2005, Whitesheet Hill

A weekend of fun in the sun, nicely organised by the Whitesheet boys and girls. In spite of less than ideal wind on the NW slope, nine rounds were flown. This was largely thanks to a 2.5 m/s minimum wind speed agreed beforehand by a show of hands.

Mike Evans flew well in the challenging conditions to win, with Mark Southall runner-up and Blobby third.

Thanks go to Pete Bailey for organising, John Bennett aka Blobby for clear and firm CD'ing, Simon, Steve, Lynda, Sarah Ayling (who designed the trophies) and all the others who helped. Finally to Cubitts Models, Multiplex and Jess Nichols for their generous sponsorship and prizes.

Full results below.

RS_IMGP2990.jpg RS_IMGP2840.jpg RS_IMGP2855.jpg RS_IMGP2878.jpg RS_IMGP2884.jpg
RS_IMGP2908.jpg RS_IMGP2910.jpg RS_IMGP2914.jpg RS_IMGP2919.jpg RS_IMGP2942.jpg
RS_IMGP2946.jpg RS_IMGP2947.jpg RS_IMGP2951.jpg RS_IMGP2957.jpg RS_IMGP2964.jpg
RS_IMGP2968.jpg RS_IMGP2976.jpg RS_IMGP2978.jpg RS_IMGP2979.jpg RS_IMGP2980.jpg
RS_IMGP2981.jpg RS_IMGP2984.jpg RS_IMGP2985.jpg RS_IMGP2987.jpg RS_IMGP2988.jpg
RS_IMGP2999.jpg RS_IMGP3000.jpg RS_IMGP3002.jpg RS_IMGP3003.jpg RS_IMGP3004.jpg
RS_IMGP3005.jpg RS_IMGP3006.jpg