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2021 South of England Open F3F

26-27 June 2021

Graeme Mahoney and John Phillips stroll back to the pits

South of England Open

This year's South of England comp suffered from a slightly curtailed entry due to a combination of poor forecast and travel restrictions, but it was a credit to Allen Elliott and helpers that those who attended managed to complete the comp - and have a great time!

Day One: Butts Lane

The day started with some light wind sport flying, at least for those who'd actually remembered to pack their Ahi's - doh!. Eventually the wind went above legal and the comp got underway. It was slightly crossed though, and with the bases being at different heights it all made for a demanding course. There were several cuts at the downwind base (I was one of the ones who got caught out!). After four rounds the leader was John Phillips, followed by Mike Evans and Bruce Hudson.

Day Two: Bopeep

In contrast to Butts Lane, Bopeep is a super friendly site - a nice long ridge with no rotor, and with grass so lush and it could have been specially designed for F3F! Unfortunately we could only enjoy one round before we had to take shelter from the rain. It was soon bucketing down and during a short a lull it was wisely decided to call it a day.

As for models, there were quite a few Freestylers in evidence, plus a smattering of Pitbulls, Shintos and Pike Precisions, plus an ex-Mark Treble 'Toxic' flown by Bruce Hudson, as well as Allen Elliott's Mibo Matrix.

My thanks to Allen for a super weekend, and also to all the helpers -and well done to the top three.

Final placings:

 1 John Phillips      1000.00
2 Mike Evens 966.79
3 Mark Redsell 966.48

4 Allen Elliott 947.20
5 William Fourrie 943.34
6 Bruce Hudson 940.23
7 Mark Treble 937.07
8 Nigel Witchalls 930.39
9 Mike Shellim 901.40
10 Jason Bioletti 897.29
11 Graeme Mahoney 887.68
12 Aleix Ingles Elias 863.01
13 Peter Burgess 745.24
Fastest time: 46.27 by Nigel Witchalls