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2011 BMFA L3 - Hole of Horcum

13 June 2010

Winner Mark Redsell preparing his Freestyler. Achieved FTD of 30.90 seconds, a new record for a British pilot.

Blowing away records

Having missed the first two league events this year, I was very keen to fly at the Hole of Horcum and I wasn't disappointed. The Levisham slope always provides a challenge, but this time the 32 pilots in attendance were in for a bonus: strong winds and truly ballistic conditions (the wind was nudging the 25 m/s limit for most of the day). As the wind was also quite turbulent at times, flying an accurate course was also very demanding of pilot skill.

Martin Newnham started the fun by winning the first round with a 32.00sec run. Round two saw three 36.xx's, with Mark Redsell taking fastest time in front of Joel West and Peter Gunning. Keith Wood took round three with a 38.13, with Mark not far behind with a 38.46sec.

In round four Peter Gunning flew a 34.03, only to be beaten by Joel’s 33.17. Not to be outdone, Mark Redsell stormed in with a 31.30, closely followed by Paul Middleton with a 31.37sec. In round five, Mark broke his own record with a brilliant 30.90sec. Clayton Landells took the final round with 36.19sec.

In all there were 40 sub forty times over the six rounds! When the beans were counted, the top three were:

1st Mark Redsell Freestyler 4941
2nd Joel West Freestyler 4551
3rd Peter Gunning Cyril 4504

These pilots stood out from the rest of the field, but Mark Redsell really set the standard with some fantastic flying on the day.

Many thanks to Jon Edison, Paul Middleton, Ronnie Lampe, and all the helpers for a memorable days competition. Finally my thanks to coordinator Martin Newnham for his splendid summary on the F3F list which forms the basis of this report.


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