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2023 BMFA League 1, S. Wales

23 April 2023

Bruce Hudson steers his Pitbull 2 past the centre

BMFA League 1

Despite a less than promising forecast, my decision to get up at 5.30 and drive 180 miles was vindicated! Aside from a couple of interruptions due to rain, the competition ran smoothly and six rounds were flown.

The only snag was the lack of buzzer cables... but after knocking heads together for a couple of milliseconds, the idea was born of equipping the base men with flags. The actual buzzerman was in the centre, his job was to press the correct button when a flag was raised. It all worked surprisingly well. (There was a slight hiccup on one or my runs which resulted in a refly - given the lousy air in my first run, I wasn't complaining!)

The winner after six rounds was John Phillips flying a Mamba. Runner up was Mark Treble (Pitbull), and third was Mark Redsell (FS6). My thanks to Mark Treble and helpers for a well run comp. It was a promising start to the season especially given that a few pilots dropped out because of the forecast.


After 6 rounds:

 1 John Philips    4644.64 1000.00 Mamba
 2 Mark Treble     4584.19  986.98 Pitbull 1
 3 Mark Redsell    4575.33  985.07 FS6
 4 Pete Gunning    4532.19  975.78 ?
 5 Graeme Mahoney  4462.27  960.73 ?
 6 Paul Stubley    4404.03  948.19 Orden
 7 Andy Burgoyne   4367.86  940.40 FS6
 8 Mike Shellim    4362.77  939.31 FS5
 9 Les Wood        4228.84  910.47 Shinto
10 Ian Mason       4180.59  900.08 Saker
11 Mark Passingham 4169.32  897.66 FS4
12 William Fourie  4150.57  893.62 FS6
13 Bruce Hudson    4106.56  884.15 Pitbull 2
14 Mike Evans      4083.55  879.19 Device
15 Graham Hill     3766.90  811.02 Extreme

Fastest time 42.22 seconds by Graeme Mahoney in round 5

Round winners: Mark Redsell(2), Pete Gunning (2), Paul Stubley(1), Graeme Mahoney(1)