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BMFA L5 Long Mynd

11 September 2011


Frank Hulton's shades reflect the Long Mynd

The Mynd in angry mood

I hate being in a rush for a comp. Unfortunately, I missed the 5.45 AM alaram call (I could swear it never rang!), which meant I had barely any time to eat an apple - let check the forecast - before setting off for the Lond Mynd.

Three hours later, sitting in Pole Cott car park, watching others pilots sitting in the car park, I wondered whether I should have stayed at home - the weather looked horrid, with a damp and blustery wind of dubious legality. Fortunately conditions improved a little during the day, and the wind moved slowly on to the slope. It remained pretty rough, though - fly too close to the slope and you risked getting sucked into a big hole, especially if you were under-ballasted. Don't ask me how I know!

In the end,, we managed to complete eight rounds despite the odd break for a shower. The fight for top spot was a close one, with Joel West ending up the eventual winner. Joel was flying his Freestyler. Second place went to Simon Thornton flying his Ceres and Mike Evans was third with his recently repaired Alliaj. Mark Redsell took fastest time of the day with a 36.37 with his Freestyler, amazing bearing in mind the conditions.

So... not exactly a classic, but good practice for the Welsh Open nevertheless. With thanks to CD's Jon Edison, Simon Thornton, Mike Evans and Mark Redsell. Also to Martin Newnham for dressing us in our smart new orange bibs - they really helped with the smooth running of the competition.

Full results are here. If you're an F3F Yahoogroup member, you can also see Martin's report here. See you at the Welsh Open!

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