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Welsh Open F3F

19-11 Sept 2014

Welsh fest

Mickeys... The Wrecker... Back of the Wrecker.. Ice Cream slope... VR slope... the Crest. Ordinary sounding names for an extraordinary range of slopes - and the reason why the Welsh Open attracts so many pilots, year after year.

The weekend

This year there were 37 entries from UK, Spain, Germany, Holland and Switzerland. Although it stayed dry all weekend, the first couple of days suffered from a lack of wind. Only one round was flown on Friday, and it was group scored. Four rounds were flown on Saturday. Things picked up a bit on Sunday, and six rounds were flown before the wind finally gave up.

There was also a fair bit of thermal activity and times varying from the high thirties to the high seventies. But all in all it was a very enjoyable competition with great displays of skill.


I'll save a blow by blow account, just some impressions:


Special thanks to CDs Kev Newton and Andrzej Tabero who showed his dedication by CD'ing without the pleasure of competing. To Daniel Schneider for posting the scores to F3XVault. And finally to our sponsors T9 HobbySport for the tasty prizes of MKS servos.

Results: top 10

1  S Bertschi    1000.0
2  S Thornton     998.0
3  T Livingstone  975.6
4  J West         975.3
5  K Newton       974.9
6  G Mahoney      969.1
7  M Newnham      965.7
8  A Burgoyne     963.2
9  D Rumble       956.4
10 M Drewett      945.9

Full results and scores here


See gallery.