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BMFA League 2

S. Wales - 2 May 2004

Early light winds did not bode well, but the wind picked up after a break in Round 1. In spite of a near record entry of 36 five rounds were flown.

Winner was Dave Woods flying his cross-tail Elita.

Thanks to the SWSA for hosting this event and to all those who helped.

2004l2-01.jpg 2004l2-02.jpg 2004l2-03.JPG 2004l2-04.jpg 2004l2-05.JPG
2004l2-06.JPG 2004l2-07.JPG 2004l2-08.jpg 2004l2-09.JPG 2004l2-10.JPG
2004l2-11.jpg 2004l2-12.JPG 2004l2-13.JPG 2004l2-14.JPG 2004l2-15.JPG
2004l2-16.JPG 2004l2-17.JPG 2004l2-18.JPG