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2005 Welsh Open F3F

23-25 Sept 2005, S. Wales

This Welsh Open was attended by 57 pilots from several countries, the farthest being from Hong Kong! The event was run over three days with all kinds of weather - sunny, overcast, light, wet, foggy, and windy. It was physically as well as mentally challenging - on Day 2, competitors had to 'yomp' from the Crest to the back of the Wrecker after a change in wind direction.

Despite weather stoppages, six rounds were completed.

Highlights: Carlos Cantero's stonking 29.5 WORLD RECORD run. I was lucky enough to see it, but... blink and you missed it. Plus Klaus Kowalski's consistently excellent flying which won him four of the six rounds despite variable conditions. Very impressive, very instructive...

Many thanks to the SWSA, the dedicated helpers, the CD, the farmer, and all the flyers especially those coming from abroad.

Top 5 results (with thanks to Kevin Newton)

1. Klaus Kowalski SAF 4977.72
2. Peter Kowalski SAF 4561.42
3. Ken Woodhouse Swillers 4554.68
4. Carlos Cantero Fast 2 Furious 4472.83
5. K. Y. Mak Hong Kong 4469.89

For full results and more photos, see Kevin's super site.

IMGP3246.jpg IMGP3247.jpg IMGP3249.jpg IMGP3252.jpg IMGP3254.jpg
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