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2009 Welsh Open

18-20 Sept 2009

Podium lineup (L-R): Bjorn Tore Hagen (2nd), Graham Reed (winner), and Simon Thornton (3rd). Graham received the magnificent Vector III, kindly donated by RCRCM.

Fifty of the best

Boasting some of the fastest F3F slopes in the UK, the Welsh Open is one of the highlights of the F3F calendar and attracts some of the best pilots from Europe and beyond. This year, fifty pilots entered from as far afield as Spain, France, Norway, Switzerland. The farthest travelled was C. M. Cheng from Hong Kong.


The competition was generorously supported by SlopeRacer, RCRCM and SmartModel. Thanks guys!

Good start, but could it last?

Friday morning saw fifty pilots assembled on the north slope with their models. The competition got off to a cracking start with several sub-40's in the first round. In fact, some of us dared to believe that we might be in for a classic competition. Sadly it was not to be, as the wind deserted us on Saturday and Sunday, with zero rounds flown on both those days.

Fortunately, thanks to the usual efficient organisation, five solid rounds were flown on the first day which is of course enough for a result, and those of us who were fortunate enough to have lightweight models enjoyed some excellent sport/thermal flying off the Wrecker.

Results (five rounds, one discard)

So it was that the Day One results stuck, with young Graham Reed ending up the winner.

1  Graham Reed                  3781   26 Julian Perrott        3287
2  Bjorn Tore Hagen             3750   27 Andy Burgoyne         3285
3  Simon Thornton               3681   28 Peter Gunning         3284
4  Cedric Grandseigne           3675   29 Jesus Herrera Borrego 3281
5  Iñaki Elizondo               3665   30 Gary Harrison         3267
6  Kevin Newton                 3633   31 Keith Wood            3266
7  John Phillips                3631   32 Paul Middleton        3262
8  Gerardo Plaza                3630   33 Andy West             3253
9  Greg Dakin                   3590   34 Dave Watson           3245
10 Paul Garnett                 3589   35 Tom Macpherson        3239
11 Mike Evans                   3574   36 Mick Walsh            3210
12 José Luis Alvarez Fernandez  3570   37 Mike Shellim          3197
13 Alvaro Silgado               3527   38 Warrick Smith         3193
14 Mark Redsell                 3526   39 Jon Edison            3189
15 Joel West                    3508   40 Iain Rose             3159
16 Pierre Rondel                3506   41 Frank Hulton          3154
17 Dag Skoglund                 3486   42 C M Cheng             3153
18 Lage Salomonsen              3479   43 Ian Mason             3131
19 Jean-Luc Foucher             3469   44 Mark Passingham       3121
20 Espen Torp                   3459   45 Dave Rumble           3118
21 Jonathon Sage                3408   46 Steve Clutterbuck     3118
22 Angel Lopez Cabrera          3403   47 Stefan Bertschi       3072
23 Mark Abbotts                 3388   48 Ian Stewart           2999
24 Mike Young                   3360   49 Vic Eldridge          2931
25 Andrzej Tabero               3292   50 Tony Robertson        2749

Fastest time 35.54 (Graham Reed)


Thanks are due to Andrzej, Kevin and the rest of the SWSA for the usual efficient organisation. Also to Vic Eldridge for taking time away from home to organise the super banquet (I can see this becoming a fixture for future WO's). And of course to all the visitors from so many countries who made the event what it is. Finally to our sponsors SlopeRacer, RCRCM and SmartModel.


There are two ways to view the photos. You can either click on the thumbnails below, or you can view a High-resolution slideshow.

1. Pilots

IMGP4016.jpg IMGP2965.jpg IMGP2961.jpg IMGP2976.jpg IMGP2980.jpg
IMGP2970.jpg IMGP3060.jpg IMGP3020.jpg IMGP3085.jpg IMGP2987.jpg
IMGP3003.jpg IMGP3022.jpg IMGP3028.jpg IMGP2992.jpg IMGP3001.jpg
IMGP3007.jpg IMGP3012.jpg IMGP3046.jpg IMGP3054.jpg IMGP3057.jpg
IMGP3076.jpg IMGP3078.jpg IMGP3083.jpg IMGP3981.jpg IMGP3987.jpg
IMGP3982.jpg IMGP4017.jpg IMGP3151.jpg IMGP3152.jpg IMGP4019.jpg
IMGP3989.jpg IMGP3992.jpg

2. Planes

Alliaj and Martinet

IMGP3143.jpg IMGP3145.jpg IMGP3149.jpg IMGP3150.jpg

3. Banquet

At the Heronston Hotel

IMGP3138.jpg IMGP3107.jpg IMGP3112.jpg IMGP3115.jpg IMGP3116.jpg
IMGP3117.jpg IMGP3118.jpg IMGP3121.jpg IMGP3123.jpg IMGP3124.jpg
IMGP3125.jpg IMGP3126.jpg IMGP3127.jpg IMGP3128.jpg IMGP3131.jpg
IMGP3134.jpg IMGP3136.jpg

4. Trophies

Congratulations to Graham Reed on his first Eurotour win

IMGP3157.jpg IMGP3155.jpg IMGP3159.jpg IMGP3164.jpg IMGP3165.jpg
IMGP3174.jpg IMGP3178.jpg

5. After Hours

The following photos were all shot on the second and third days "after hours".

IMGP3098.jpg IMGP3086-Edit.jpg IMGP3207.jpg IMGP4042-Edit.jpg IMGP4052.jpg
IMGP4015.jpg IMGP3211-Edit-Edit.jpg