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2009 BMFA League 6

4 October 2009

Power launch

Tinkers delivers

Round 6 of the BMFA league took place at Cheesegate Nab (aka 'Tinkers'), near Huddersfield. In spite of the large entry and a 40-minute interruption due to rain, we managed to get through five rounds. Wind speed and direction stayed reasonably constant, although there was some short term variation due to thermal activity.

There were a few more prangs than usual, mainly at the bases. However there were no such problems for Simon Thornton, who continued his great form with his third league win out of four. Second place went to Kevin, while Rich Bago flew his Vikos to a fine third.

With thanks to Jon Edison for CD'ing and to the Huddersfield DMAC for an excellent day's racing.


1 S Thornton Ceres      3861.97    19 M Redsell Skorp      3340.01
2 K Newton Ceres        3758.54    20 J Thornton Skorp     3325.02
3 R Bago Vikos          3741.96    21 J Edison Sting       3298.58
4 G Harrison Race M     3732.26    22 W Smith Skorp        3279.08
5 J West Ceres          3673.17    23 R Lampe Sting        3269.11
6 M Evans Fstyler       3648.48    24 S Clutterbuck viking 3255.90
7 M Abbots Extreme      3600.18    25 M Lideard Vikos      3255.82
8 P Middleton Vikos     3592.39    26 T Satinet Ascot      3252.98
9 A Richardson Extreme  3582.24    27 M Newnham Skorp      3229.00
10 K Wood Fstyler       3539.06    28 J Sage Ceres         3224.39
11 T Macpherson Skorp   3531.84    29 R Broughton Acacia2  3213.53
12 D Wright Vikos       3496.65    30 D Elam Sting         3195.88
13 P Garnett Vikos      3469.69    31 T Fu Vikos           3167.27
14 G Reed Skorp         3469.13    32 G Pilkington predatr 3106.07
15 G Dakin RaceM X-tail 3449.10    33 C Needham Tragi      3057.27
16 M Shellim Skorp      3407.44    34 F Hulton Caldera     2874.50
17 T Shaw Acacia        3376.04    35 I Stromberg Brio     2864.00
18 P Foster Skorp       3355.77    36 A Tabero Ascot       1594.96


Men and machines (with apologies to anyone I may have missed)

IMGP3316.jpg IMGP3324.jpg IMGP3326.jpg IMGP3332.jpg IMGP3344.jpg
IMGP3345.jpg IMGP3350.jpg IMGP3349.jpg IMGP3353.jpg IMGP3357.jpg
IMGP3359.jpg IMGP3363.jpg IMGP3370.jpg IMGP3375.jpg IMGP3382.jpg
IMGP3388.jpg IMGP3389.jpg IMGP3390.jpg IMGP3391.jpg IMGP3396.jpg
IMGP3315.jpg IMGP3398.jpg IMGP3399.jpg IMGP3409.jpg IMGP3426.jpg
IMGP3430.jpg IMGP3433.jpg IMGP3434.jpg IMGP3438.jpg IMGP3445.jpg
IMGP3442.jpg IMGP3446.jpg IMGP3452.jpg IMGP3453.jpg IMGP3461.jpg
IMGP3463.jpg IMGP3470.jpg IMGP3471.jpg IMGP3479.jpg

After hours

The following images were taken about a mile south of Tinkers after the competition

IMGP3481.jpg IMGP3483.jpg IMGP3486.jpg IMGP3491.jpg IMGP3496.jpg