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English Open F3F

Whitesheet, 14/15 August 2004

This 2-day event attracted 27 competitors. 8 rounds were flown. Kevin Newton was the worthy winner, back in form with his Viking. Second was Simon Hall with a fine performance flying his ancient Ellipse 1T and new Nyx. Third was John McCurdy his V-Ultra Pico.

Low point for me was landing my Nyx in a freshly laid cow pat. Even lower point was having to clean it all off...

Lots of fun had by all. Three thanks are due. First to Alex McMeekin for his selfless work in setting up the comp. Second to South Coast Sailplanes for generously sponsoring the raffle prize, an X-Models Blade.  Finally, to Sarah Ayling for her lovely stained glass trophies.

eo-01.jpg eo-02.JPG eo-03.jpg eo-04.JPG eo-05.JPG
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eo-12.jpg eo-13.jpg eo-14.jpg eo-15.JPG eo-16.JPG
eo-17.JPG eo-18.JPG eo-19.jpg eo-20.JPG eo-21.JPG
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