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BMFA League 7

Bwlch - 26 September 2004

The event was abadoned due to mist, instead there was a rather damp prizegiving at the top of the slope for the BMFA League and Nats winners. So that just about wraps it up for this year, until the winter league.

Thanks to Ian Mason for enthusiastically running the show this year. Congratulations to Mark Southall for winning the F3F league for the second year running, a fantastic achievement (Mark won a Trinity generously donated by Soar High Models). And to John Bennett for winning the EPP 60 for the second time in three years (and taking away three trophies altogether).

There were also some 'fun' prizes, again donated by Soar High. Simon Hall won the best rookie prize (he came fourth in F3F). Andy Freeman won best crash (I could swear his Nyx is still in one piece), and I got a little something for running the web site - much appreciated!

Feel free to email me if you'd like any full res images.

l7-01.JPG l7-02.JPG l7-03.JPG l7-04.JPG l7-05.JPG
l7-06.JPG l7-07.JPG l7-08.JPG l7-09.JPG l7-10.JPG
l7-11.JPG l7-12.JPG l7-13.JPG l7-14.JPG l7-15.JPG
l7-16.JPG l7-17.JPG l7-18.JPG l7-19.JPG