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F3F fly-in Lundy Island

21-28 August 2010

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Evening practice near Jenny's Cove. Jack Cubitt (left), and Andrzej Tabero

Return to Lundy

Lundy is a rugged and beautiful island off the Devon coast, with steep cliffs just made for soaring. This was my second adventure there (you can read about our 2009 trip here).

Although Kevin and Andrzej brought along all the timing gear, sadly we were unable to hold the planned F3F competition because of the wind - it was either too much, or too little, or the wrong kind. Nevertheless, Lundy is a great place to unwind and there was still lots of fun stuff to keep the party of fifteen or so pilots and partners occupied.

What a hard life!

Our party was scattered amongst the various holiday cottages in the South of the island. If it wasn't raining we'd drift off to the nearest flyable cliff and play with toys - even if the wind was 50+ mph (which it was a lot of the time, gusting to 80+ on the edge!). Andy Burgoyne came equipped with a radar gun, which led to the inevitable fun and games, with 150+ mph recorded by at least three pilots.

When it rained or the wind was too strong, we'd relax, fix models, or explore the island (it's easily walkable in a couple of hours). In the evening we'd meet at the Marisco Tavern for a bite of their excellent fare, and a pint or two of Lundy Light, or a Sambuca. What a hard life!

Stoneycroft and the Old Light

Home for the week was a small cottage (Stoneycroft) which I shared with Mike and Liz Evans. After unpacking our ten or so models, and finding space for Mike's huge crate and my Sportube, it all got quite cosy. And to make it more of an adventure, the island's main generator gets switched off between midnight and 6 am - a head torch was a pretty essential accessory!

Stoneycroft is next door to 'Old Light', which is the main landmark visible from most of the island. Old Light was the first of the lighthouses to be decomissioned because, being built on high ground, it couldn't be seen in fog. Oh dear, expensive mistake! At least they got the rest of the island right...

The Old Plumber

There's a chap who often walks his dog near where I go DLG'ing here in North London. By coincidence, it turns out that he comes from Ilfracombe, and his father worked for many years as the official plumber on Lundy. He told me that he never accompanied his dad on his Lundy trips, in fact he has never set foot on the island. At least I could reassure him about the quality of his father's workmanship!

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