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La Muela 2016

19-30 May 2016

Kevin Newton launching Vic Eldridge's ASW 27 at La Muela

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The month of May might seem a strange time to make the sea crossing to Spain, given that the F3F competition at La Muela is run at Easter. But competition isn't the only reason for visiting La Muela - it's is a great site for sport flying as the conditions can vary from flat calm to Force 4 in the blink of an eye.

We - that is Kevin, Vic and myself - were pretty lucky with the weather, as the week before we arrived it had rained non-stop. Not only did we have sunshine, but the landscape was a blaze of flowers. Flying aside, I also satisified a photographic ambition by shooting some landscapes near El Cubillo de Uceda.

La Muela always delivers something different and this year was truly unforgettable.

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