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English Open, Whitesheet

30-31 August 2014

English Open revival

The English Open used to be a regular fixture until it slipped from the calendar a few years back. Well the good news is that it's been revived, and judging by this weekend, it promises to become as popular as ever.

Twenty pilots turned up to battle it out over the weekend. Not a bad turnout, considering the clash with a Scottish leage event and the approaching World Championships.

Saturday started a little damp. Proceedings commenced at the westerly bowl before moving to the NW slope around midday. Saturday evening saw us in the local pub enjoying a meal with the raffle prizes on display.

Sunday was particularly memorable with bright sunshine, a laid back atmosphere and some keen racing of the NW slope. The fine weather made up for the somewhat less than ballistic conditions.

At the end of play, we had a winner in the form of Mike Evans who flew consistently all weekend. Mike came away with a fabulous Schwing courtesy Tony Fu of Sloperacer. Mark Treble was a fine runner up, and Tony Livingstone third.

Many thanks to Stuart Wallace, Andy Burgoyne, Lynda Blythe and all the rest of the crew for a successful revival of this F3F event. Last but not least, to our sponsors:

It's thanks to outfits like theirs that F3F is in its current healthy state, so do please visit their web sites and have a look around.


High res photos are available in my Smugmug gallery.


1  Mike Evans       11949.68
2  Mark Treble      11556.76
3  Tony Livingstone 11513.11
4  Graeme Mahoney   11502.85
5  Dave Rumble      11355.97
6  Martin Drewett   11299.02
7  Stuart  Wallace  11290.95
8  Andy Burgoyne    11276.67
9  Mark Abbotts     11050.85
10 Joe  Cubbitt     10970.97
11 Mike Shellim     10928.52
12 Mick Walsh       10745.10
13 Jon Treble       10715.27
14 Paul Stubley     10669.54
15 Phil Taylor      10630.73
16 Ian Falconer     10482.77
17 Mathew How       10285.86
18 Tom Macpherson    9610.96
19 Roger Hilman      9210.79
20 Neil Rogers       8991.80
21 Jack Cubbitt      4867.94
22 Martin Burr       3549.59


Reports by Stu Wallace