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Airworld 'Fox'

This 4-meter (1:3.5 scale) Fox was originally built by Greg Dakin and his father, from the Airworld kit.

I first saw Greg flying it in 2002, at the Isle of Wight, and remember being greatly impressed, however for various reasons - not least to do with its sheer size - the model saw relatively little use and it was sold on to fellow F3F pilot Dave Woods. Dave is a member of my club the ISA, and I had the pleasure of photographing him flying this model over several sessions at Ivinghoe Beacon.


The Fox has an awesome presence in the air. Yet in spite of its large size, it is remarkably agile. Stall turns, inverted, knife edge, rolls, bunts etc. are all within its repertoire. At 8.5 kg weight, it really needs a strong helper to launch the model, although Dave does occasionally launch it himself.

Big model, little Tx

Control of this large model is via a Multiplex Cockpit SX transmitter, which Dave is pretty positive about (I'm a great fan of the Cockpit SX, see my review).

All photos by Mike Shellim. Model piloted by Dave Woods.

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For more info, see RCSD September 2007 issue.