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Longshot DLG

8 May 2005

Some photos of my Longshot. This is a nice quality, reasonably priced DLG glider from Horejsi Models. A number are being built by UK pilots.

To keep weight to a minimum I made lightening holes in the tail and used rod and wire keepers for the aileron linkages. All in all very pleased with both the build and the flying performance. Just keep it light (mine weighed 10.5 oz.), and follow the suggested closed loop geometry to the letter.

RS_IMGP1328.jpg RS_IMGP1332.jpg RS_IMGP1340.jpg RS_IMGP1343.jpg RS_IMGP1346.jpg
RS_IMGP1727.jpg RS_IMGP1724.jpg RS_IMGP1733.jpg RS_IMGP1789.jpg RS_IMGP1812.jpg
RS_IMGP1813.jpg RS_IMGP1814.jpg RS_IMGP1815.jpg RS_IMGP1818.jpg RS_IMGP1859.jpg
RS_IMGP1864.jpg RS_IMGP1867.jpg