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2007 La Madeleine and La Muela

This year I travelled over with Vic Eldridge and Kevin Newton, to fly at the two F3F Eurotour comps at La Madeleine (France) and La Muela (Spain). We sailed on the ferry together from Portsmouth to Bilbao on the P&O 'Pride of Bilbao'. From there it was a short drive back over the border to France for the first event at La Madeleine in the Pyrenees, where we were joined by Mike Evans, as well as pilots from all over Europe.

La Madeleine (France)

Sadly, La Madeleine fell victim to poor weather. Despite some excellent sport flying in the sunny bits, not a single round of competition was completed in three days. The closest we got was on Saturday when 27 out of 32 pilots flew before the wind shifted. A shame not just for us but for the organisers who put in a lot of effort, including setting up three courses.

On Monday afternoon, we drove down in convoy through the Pyrenees towards Spain, via the 8.6 km Somport tunnel, only to be met with a blizzard and mudslide on the Spanish side. The following day, we reached our second destination, La Muela.

La Muela (Spain)

Fabulous La Muela was blessed with excellent conditions on Day One, during which three and a half rounds were flown by the 65 pilots. Day Two saw the weather gremlins return, with only half a round flown (the completion of round 4) before impending rain caused the organisers to call a halt.

The event was not without controversy. A number of pilots found themselves knobbled with a zero score on Day 1, due to an ambiguously worded local safety rule. Fortunately the penalty was rescinded after unofficial protests.

Top 10 as follows (for full results see La Muela F3F):

1 Iñaki Elizondo Casado 2,808.11
2 Pierre Rondel 2,805.55
3 Timothy Cone 2,777.58
4 Arturo Menéndez López 2,769.47
5 Sergio Sánchez Conde 2,760.42
6 José Luís Álvarez Fernández 2,754.41
7 Daniel Portella Doblado 2,671.93
8 Kevin Newton 2,619.31
9 Carlos Cantero Blancou 2,613.38
10 Sergi Subías Calleja 2,606.23

The competition is only one part of the La Muela experience and those who stayed on were rewarded with better weather, some great sport flying and a warm welcome from our Spanish friends.


My sincere thanks to the organisers of both events. Also to my travelling companions Vic, Kevin and Mike and our partners for making this such a great trip.

Less competition flying than usual means that I have devoted more images to extra curricular activities. All photos shot in RAW with a Pentax *istDS (6 megapixel dSLR). Enjoy!

Quick jumps

  1. La Madeleine - flying
  2. La Madeleine - surroundings and banquet
  3. La Muela
  4. Guadalajara

La Madeleine - flying

IMGP7865_LR.jpg IMGP7775_LR.jpg IMGP7822_LR.jpg IMGP7839_LR.jpg IMGP7834_LR.jpg
IMGP7854_LR.jpg IMGP7809_LR.jpg IMGP7806_LR.jpg IMGP7807_LR.jpg IMGP7858_LR.jpg
IMGP7714_LR.jpg IMGP7981_LR.jpg IMGP7983_LR.jpg IMGP8036_LR.jpg IMGP8041_LR.jpg
IMGP8047_LR.jpg IMGP8053_LR.jpg IMGP8058_LR.jpg IMGP8059_LR.jpg IMGP8060_LR.jpg

La Madeleine - surroundings

IMGP7894-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP7799_LR.jpg IMGP7642_LR.jpg IMGP7790_LR.jpg IMGP7897-Edit_LR.jpg
IMGP7964-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP7942_LR.jpg IMGP7653-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP7655-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP7945_LR.jpg
IMGP7938-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP7974_LR.jpg IMGP7977_LR.jpg IMGP7992_LR.jpg IMGP7999_LR.jpg
IMGP8002_LR.jpg IMGP8005_LR.jpg IMGP8010_LR.jpg IMGP8011_LR.jpg IMGP8013_LR.jpg
IMGP8018_LR.jpg IMGP8074_LR.jpg IMGP8090_LR.jpg IMGP8092_LR.jpg IMGP8098-Edit_LR.jpg
IMGP8101_LR.jpg IMGP8143_LR.jpg

La Muela

IMGP8193_LR.jpg IMGP8201_LR.jpg IMGP8220_LR.jpg IMGP8227_LR.jpg IMGP8230_LR.jpg
IMGP8236_LR.jpg IMGP8239_LR.jpg IMGP8242_LR.jpg IMGP8243_LR.jpg IMGP8246_LR.jpg
IMGP8250_LR.jpg IMGP8254_LR.jpg IMGP8256_LR.jpg IMGP8264_LR.jpg IMGP8266_LR.jpg
IMGP8274_LR.jpg IMGP8280_LR.jpg IMGP8145_LR.jpg IMGP8151_LR.jpg IMGP8166_LR.jpg
IMGP8184_LR.jpg IMGP8186_LR.jpg IMGP8284_LR.jpg IMGP8285_LR.jpg IMGP8286_LR.jpg
IMGP8290_LR.jpg IMGP8437_LR.jpg IMGP8440_LR.jpg IMGP8446_LR.jpg IMGP8442_LR.jpg
IMGP8471_LR.jpg IMGP8455_LR.jpg IMGP8457_LR.jpg IMGP8473_LR.jpg IMGP8479_LR.jpg
IMGP8447_LR.jpg IMGP8303_LR.jpg IMGP8305_LR.jpg IMGP8306_LR.jpg IMGP8317_LR.jpg
IMGP8289_LR.jpg IMGP8327_LR.jpg IMGP8347_LR.jpg IMGP8354_LR.jpg IMGP8366_LR.jpg
IMGP8370_LR.jpg IMGP8373_LR.jpg IMGP8379_LR.jpg IMGP8385_LR.jpg IMGP8323_LR.jpg


IMGP8393-Edit_LR.jpg IMGP8400_LR.jpg IMGP8404_LR.jpg IMGP8414_LR.jpg IMGP8415_LR.jpg
IMGP8421_LR.jpg IMGP8425_LR.jpg IMGP8418_LR.jpg IMGP8196_LR.jpg IMGP8206_LR.jpg
IMGP8212_LR.jpg IMGP8198_LR.jpg IMGP8199_LR.jpg IMGP8483_LR.jpg IMGP8486_LR.jpg
IMGP8526_LR.jpg IMGP8504_LR.jpg IMGP8509_LR.jpg IMGP8510_LR.jpg IMGP8522_LR.jpg
IMGP8511_LR.jpg IMGP8540_LR.jpg IMGP8545_LR.jpg IMGP8561_LR.jpg IMGP8557_LR.jpg
IMGP8567_LR.jpg IMGP8569_LR.jpg IMGP8555_LR.jpg IMGP8574_LR.jpg IMGP8577_LR.jpg