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Southern Winter League 2

26 November 2017

Ian Falconer in launch mode

Deceptive bends

Thirteen pilots braved cold temperatures to attend the second Southern WL event at Whitesheet Hill. We had fairly gentle breezes most of the day, fortunately perhaps given the chill! That said, the wind was quite crossed for much of the comp which made things interesting - a question of loading up with the right amount of ballast, and finding the right line along the slightly concave section of hill by base A.

Conditions varied a little during individual rounds, but thanks to good organisation we managed to fly nine full rounds - there was even time for a short lunch break (and it would have made ten rounds if the wind didn't die at the end).

Martin Drewett was a thoroughly well deserved winner with some excellent flying. Martin cleaned up on 4 of the 9 rounds. Tony Livingstone and Stu Wallace were runner up and third, with less than two points between them.

All in all, a most enjoyable day of F3F. Thanks are due to Stu and Sam Wallace, Allen Elliott and all who helped with the running of the comp. Looking forward to Round 3 in January!


 1 Martin Drewett   7816.41
 2 Tony Livingstone 7554.00
 3 Stuart Wallace   7552.28
 4 Mike Shellim     7373.58
 5 Ian Falconer     7266.38
 6 Mark Passingham  7198.44
 7 John Treble      7190.19
 8 Nigel Witchals   7189.94
 9 Pete Burgess     7022.40
10 Graeme Mahoney   7016.02
11 Sam Wallace      6885.22
12 Phil Taylor      6610.11
13 Allen Elliot     6545.98

Fastest time: 46.17 by Martin Drewett in round 5


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