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2010 BMFA League 1

18th April 2010

Nice sun , shame about the wind...


Phil Taylor rounding Base B at the back of the Wrecker

Just fourteen pilots turned up for the first league event of 2010. No doubt some absentees were put off by the poor wind forecast (and the alternative prospect of watching the Chinese Grand Prix while tucked up in bed).

Unfortunately the forecast was correct. There was no breeeze until after lunch, and then just one round was completed before the wind died again (which happened while I was flying - the tip of my Skorpi has the marks to prove it!).

Most of us still had some fun - there are worse places than the Wrecker to twiddle your thumbs on a sunny spring day, especially if you have a toy to play with. In fact, DLG's and electric helicopters are rapidly becoming essential kit for F3F events!

Our thanks to Andrzej, Kevin and helpers. Let's hope for better luck at the Hole of Horcum.

1. On the course

The action before the event was abandoned

001_6006.jpg 003_6012.jpg 008_6033.jpg 007_6028.jpg 004_6018.jpg
005_6019.jpg 006_6024.jpg 014_8244.jpg

2. After hours

Some images from Porthcawl taken late on Sunday.

010_8183.jpg 011_8190.jpg 012_8242.jpg 013_8240.jpg 009_8239.jpg