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Welsh Open F3F

16- 18 Sept 2011


Sport flying at the back of the Wrecker

Joel wins a wet six-rounder

This year' s Welsh Open, which was sponsored by T9 Hobbysport, was attended by fifty-three pilots from the UK, Spain, Switzerland, Norway and Hong Kong.

The weather threw everything at us over the three days, however thanks to some excellent weather calls, a full six rounds were completed. That's 318 flights (minus a couple of scratches), pretty amazing considering the conditions.

One of the great things about the Bwlch is the variety of slopes within easy reach. On Day 1 we started at the back of the Wrecker, moving to Mickey's Slope when the wind changed. We stayed on Mickey's all of day Day 2, while the final day's racing took place on the Ice Cream slope.


The standard of flying was very high with a good percentage of sub-40s. It was close near the top, in the end Joel West squeezed through to a well deserved win. Alvaro Silgado took a splendid second place, and Dag Skogland came third despite a launch mishap in the penultimate round. Fastest time was 31.59 by Bjorn Tore Hagen (on Mickey's Slope). Results are at end.


CD's Andrzej and Kevin put in a lot of effort in keeping things running in the wet conditions, and it all paid off handsomely. So sincere thanks to them. Also to Vic Eldridge for getting some of us royally fed on Saturday night.

Finally, please show your appreciation to T9Hobbysport for sponsoring the prizes, including some splendid wing servos from MKS, by visiting their rather nice web-site.


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Days One and Two

IMGP3083.jpg IMGP3095.jpg IMGP3100.jpg IMGP3104.jpg IMGP3107.jpg
IMGP3128.jpg IMGP3162.jpg IMGP3175.jpg IMGP3199-Edit-2.jpg IMGP3208.jpg
IMGP3234.jpg IMGP3245.jpg IMGP3273.jpg IMGP3297.jpg IMGP3298.jpg
IMGP3311.jpg IMGP3327.jpg IMGP3334.jpg IMGP3344.jpg

The Banquet

IMGP3352.jpg IMGP3356.jpg IMGP3358.jpg IMGP3359.jpg IMGP3360.jpg
IMGP3362.jpg IMGP3363.jpg IMGP3364.jpg IMGP3365.jpg

Day Three

IMGP3375.jpg IMGP3376.jpg IMGP3379.jpg IMGP3383.jpg IMGP3391.jpg
IMGP3400.jpg IMGP3405-Edit.jpg IMGP3408.jpg IMGP3409.jpg IMGP3413.jpg
IMGP3418.jpg IMGP3420.jpg IMGP3421.jpg IMGP3424.jpg IMGP3426.jpg
IMGP3428.jpg IMGP3431.jpg IMGP3434.jpg IMGP3436.jpg IMGP3437.jpg


IMGP3440.jpg IMGP3442.jpg IMGP3443.jpg IMGP3444.jpg IMGP3446.jpg
IMGP3453.jpg IMGP3458.jpg IMGP3461.jpg IMGP3464.jpg IMGP3467.jpg

Top 20

1  Joel West               England      4682.89
2  Alvaro Silgado          Spain        4669.25
3  Dag Skoglund            Norway       4655.71
4  Bjorn Tore Hagen        Norway       4606.49
5  Simon Thornton          England      4602.19
6  Gerardo Plaza           Spain        4602.18
7  Kevin Newton            England      4600.01
8  Mark Redsell            England      4561.87
9  Greg Dakin              England      4543.82
10 Mike Evans              England      4525.66
11 Espen Torp              Norway       4521.02
12 Richard Bago            England      4520.33
13 John Phillips           England      4519.49
14 Adam Richardson         England      4477.78
15 Stephan Bertschi        Switzerland  4470.60
16 Martin Newnham          England      4437.91
17 Angel Lopez             Spain        4427.26
18 Jose Luis Alvarez       Spain        4405.61
19 Iñigo Herrera Millan    Spain        4382.71
20 William Jul Ringkjob    Norway       4368.21

Full spreadsheet is here (with thanks to Simon Thornton)