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2008 BMFA League 5

20th April 2008

Another competition abandoned

No wind for F3F. But the sun shone, and we went to the sea.

Here are some shots of a beach, a wedding shoot, and a helicopter rescue.

Life is never dull in Wales!

IMGP3540.jpg IMGP3567.jpg IMGP3591.jpg IMGP3592.jpg IMGP3619.jpg
IMGP3646.jpg IMGP3674.jpg IMGP3676.jpg IMGP3680.jpg IMGP3683.jpg
IMGP3691.jpg IMGP3685.jpg IMGP3690.jpg IMGP3697.jpg IMGP3698.jpg
IMGP3706.jpg IMGP3704.jpg IMGP3711.jpg IMGP3717.jpg IMGP3716.jpg
IMGP3718.jpg IMGP3719.jpg IMGP3770.jpg

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