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2002 La Muela

La Muela

La Muela is a flat topped hill - what the Americans call a mesa - about 30 miles from Madrid. 66 pilots from Europe, USA and Scandinavia made the trip to the Easter meeting, at the invitation of the local club. 

Only one round was flown which in my case equates to 18 miles of travelling per second of competition flight duration! But the sport flying, cameraderie and food made up many times over for any lost rounds. It was truly a soaring festival in fantastic surroundings. Many thanks to the organisers for another great Easter flying bash.

The photos below are in no particular order, and a mixture of trannies, neg and digital.

Plus League 6, 11/12 October 2002 

11610003.jpg 11610005.jpg 11610006.jpg 11610007.jpg 11610008.jpg
11610009.jpg 11610010.jpg 11610012.jpg 11610015.jpg 11610016.jpg
11610018.jpg 11610019.jpg 11610020.jpg 11610021.jpg 11610022.jpg
11610025.jpg 11620002.jpg 11620003.jpg 11620005.jpg 11620010.jpg
11620011.jpg 11620012.jpg 11620014.jpg 11620015.jpg 11620018.jpg
11620022.jpg 11620023.jpg 11620025.jpg 11620026.jpg 11620027.jpg
11620028.jpg 11620030.jpg 11620034.jpg P1000735.jpg P1000744.jpg
P1000755.jpg P1000757.jpg P1000758.jpg P1000763.jpg P1000766.jpg
P1000767.jpg P1000768.jpg P1000771.jpg P1000773.jpg P1000776.jpg
P1000780.jpg P1000790.jpg P1000791.jpg P1000795.jpg P1000796.jpg