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2007 BMFA League 5

Whitesheet Hill 8-9 September 2007

Bad Air

Anyone wanting to witness some fast racing would have been disappointed: there was almost total inaction on both days owing to lack of wind.


F3F flyers are a resourceful lot though, and there was no shortage of sport flying with lightweight models. The Cubitt winch was also pressed into service. Here are some pics of general messing about on Sunday.

IMGP2973.jpg IMGP2983.jpg IMGP2988.jpg IMGP2999.jpg IMGP3011.jpg
IMGP3012.jpg IMGP3019.jpg IMGP3024.jpg IMGP3023.jpg IMGP3031.jpg
IMGP3033.jpg IMGP3034.jpg IMGP3035.jpg IMGP3041.jpg