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2009 BMFA League 4

26th April 2009

The competition gets under way again after moving from the NW to the SW bowl. Cross wind from the left made for a most interesting and challenging course.

More than we hoped

Tucked away near the SE corner of England, the Long Man is certainly one of the prettiest sites on the calendar. It also boasts one of the longest walks to the top, as well as a reputation for being somewhat pernickety as to wind direction. On top of this, the forecast for Sunday was for light and variable winds.

Well the he breeze was light, and it did change direction. Nevertheless, seven rounds were eventually flown, the first five from the Long Man slope, and the last two from the SW bowl.

Simon Thornton ended up at the top of the leader board, flying his orange spotty Ceres. Runner-up was John Phillips flying a Predator, while Gary Harrison came in third. Simon also achieved FTD with 46.56.

Many thanks to CD Julian Perrot, John Phillips, Gary Harrison, Jim Taylor and the rest of the ESSA crew for making an unpromising day so worthwhile. Full results here

High res gallery on Picasa

The images are also available in high resolution on Picasa (but without captions).

Men and machines

With apologies to anyone I've missed out.

IMGP1653.jpg IMGP1708.jpg IMGP1715.jpg IMGP1663.jpg IMGP1650.jpg
IMGP1712.jpg IMGP1693.jpg IMGP1696.jpg IMGP1644.jpg IMGP1719.jpg
IMGP1648.jpg IMGP1722.jpg IMGP1723.jpg IMGP1727.jpg IMGP1728.jpg


Graham Reed's R/C parascender drew much interest during the calm bits. Surprisingly efficient, it folds up into an easily transportible package.

IMGP1709.jpg IMGP1672.jpg IMGP1677.jpg IMGP1683.jpg IMGP1688.jpg