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La Muela F3F Eurotour

10 - 11 April 2009


La Muela, from el Colmillo

La Muela Magic

A quick look through the photo archive gave me a bit of a shock: this was my eighth trip to La Muela! Repetition does not dull the excitement though, and this was another great expedition - the competition, the company, the places we visited, and the scenery in the constantly varying light. There are always new things to discover!

Before leaving the UK, I made a decision to explore the local countryside a little more. In particular, I wanted to walk up el Colmillo (La Muela's 'little sister'), and also to photograph some of the places that we pass each day on our way to the hill. These are shown in the 'Humanes' section below.

My thanks to companions Kevin, Mike, Liz, Vic for their fine company, and especially Sylvia who missed the trip last year. Sylv became the group's unoffocial Mrs Memory with her amazing facility to recall the most trivial detail without the use of pen, paper or even an iPhone!

Gracias tambien a nuestros amigos españoles.

Words and photos

1. From Portsmouth to Bilbao, and La Muela

The crossing from Portsmouth to Bilbao offers a chance to relax, and prepare for the journey ahead. We disembark at Bilbao early in the morning, and it's a further five and half hours drive to La Muela which we reach by lunchtime.

IMGP0435.jpg IMGP0462.jpg IMGP0471.jpg IMGP0477.jpg IMGP0486.jpg
IMGP0492.jpg IMGP0485.jpg IMGP0508.jpg IMGP0533.jpg IMGP0497.jpg
IMGP0515.jpg IMGP0577.jpg IMGP0622.jpg IMGP0625.jpg IMGP0630.jpg
IMGP0637.jpg IMGP0562.jpg IMGP0601.jpg

2. Semana Santa

The competition is always held over Easter, and there are numerous processions in Guadalajara.

IMGP0685.jpg IMGP0675.jpg

3. The Competition

The two-day competition progressed well after a slow start due to rain. Seven rounds were eventually flown. The event was efficiently run, a nice touch being the automated countdown done in the pilot's native language. ¡Muchas gracias a los organizadores!

Pierre Rondel was in great form, flying his Freestyler to victory by a considerable margin. Kevin was second with his Ceres, and Alexis Marechal third.

1  Pierre Rondel              4813
2  Kevin Newton               4585
3  Alexis Marechal            4580
4  Iņaki Elizondo Casado      4403
5  Cedric Grandseigne         4399
6  Fernando Del Barrio Moreno 4347
7  Gerardo Plaza Lozano       4345
8  Raul Segnini Marin         4340
9  Espen Torp                 4296
10 Lennart Arvidsson          4286
17 Mike Shellim               4202
34 Mike Evans                 3799
43 Victor Eldridge            3218
44 Tony Robertson             3175
IMGP0713.jpg IMGP0712.jpg IMGP0714.jpg IMGP0716.jpg IMGP0717.jpg
IMGP0725.jpg IMGP0724.jpg IMGP0726.jpg IMGP0729.jpg IMGP0731.jpg
IMGP0732.jpg IMGP0734.jpg IMGP0737.jpg IMGP0740.jpg IMGP0762.jpg
IMGP0763.jpg IMGP0768.jpg IMGP0769.jpg IMGP0152.jpg IMGP0155.jpg
IMGP0157.jpg IMGP0158.jpg IMGP0164.jpg IMGP0167.jpg IMGP0173.jpg
IMGP0174.jpg IMGP0178.jpg

4. After the competition

The period after the competition is all about relaxation: DS'ing, aerobatics, foamies and last, but not least, our MPX Easy Gliders (these simple models are fantastic fun to fly).

A personal highlight was the walk to the top of el Cormillo, the cone shaped hill next to La Muela. The views from there are excellent. Kevin and Vic both followed the next day, Kevin just failing to get his electric Easy Glider to the top during a 'power assist' cross country.

IMGP0850.jpg IMGP0848.jpg IMGP0884.jpg IMGP0886.jpg IMGP1066.jpg
IMGP0896.jpg IMGP0997.jpg IMGP1002.jpg IMGP1045.jpg IMGP1054.jpg
IMGP1078.jpg IMGP0342.jpg IMGP1097.jpg IMGP0375.jpg IMGP0377.jpg

5. Humanes and surroundings

Humanes is the last town of any size before La Muela. It's a quiet yet colourful place, with a petrol station reminiscent of a US frontier town. Another landmark is the level crossing where the road meets the Barcelona to Madrid railway line. Ordinary sights, yet they come to mind whenever I think of La Muela.

IMGP1090.jpg IMGP1027.jpg IMGP0831.jpg IMGP1012.jpg IMGP1029.jpg
IMGP1028.jpg IMGP0816-Edit.jpg IMGP0822.jpg IMGP1021-Edit.jpg IMGP1086.jpg

6. The Rest

We stayed at the Hotel Infante in Guadalajara, as we have done for many years. Most mornings I made a point of getting up early to do some exploring in Guadalajara, before meeting for breakfast. The early morning is a great time for photography - the low sun brings out the rich colours and textures of the old part of Guadalajara. After breakfast we'd set off to La Muela. We also spent one day exploring the town and hypermarket when, due to the excesses of the previous evening, we didn't feel it would be a good idea to drive!

IMGP0899.jpg IMGP0902.jpg IMGP0548.jpg IMGP0938.jpg IMGP0931.jpg
IMGP0939.jpg IMGP0943.jpg IMGP0948-Edit.jpg IMGP0224.jpg IMGP0239.jpg
IMGP0249.jpg IMGP0254.jpg IMGP0265.jpg IMGP0280.jpg IMGP0292.jpg
IMGP0295.jpg IMGP0311.jpg IMGP0312.jpg IMGP0313.jpg IMGP0319.jpg
IMGP0830.jpg IMGP1100.jpg IMGP1104.jpg IMGP1129.jpg IMGP1141.jpg
IMGP1145-Edit.jpg IMGP1150.jpg

All images shot with Pentax K100D (6 megapixels).

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