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2023 BMFA League 4 Hole of Horcum

8 October 2023

John Phillips steers his Saker at the Hole of Horcum

BMFA L4, Hole of Horcum

It's hard to be cheerful when you're hanging around in the car park, waiting for the fog to lift! Fortunately after an hour or so things started to improve, at which point we trudged off to the South bowl.

The course was duly prepared, our planes assembled, and after a few check flights the last competition of the season was declared 'on'!

Conditions were a little variable, with times in the 40's and 50's, but we managed to run a respectable nine rounds.

Pete Gunning made the most of it, ending up a worthy winner. John Phillips was runner up, and Mark Redsell third. The standard of flying from these three was very high. Pete also achieved fastest time with 41.68 in round 5.

My thanks to Jon Edison, Rich Bago and Mark Treble for their hard work in organising and running the comp.

So that's it then - the end of the season! Our congratulations to John Phillips who is both BMFA champion and Eurotour champion - a fine achievement.

For the final results of the BMFA league, see the GBSRA league results.


After 5 rounds (1 discarded):

 1 Peter Gunning   7776.04 1000.00
 2 John Phillips   7729.15  993.96
 3 Mark Redsell    7613.10  979.04
 4 Andy Burgoyne   7505.17  965.16
 5 Ewan Maxwell    7402.06  951.90
 6 Mark Treble     7378.20  948.83
 7 Rich Bago       7359.43  946.42
 8 Paul Stubley    7103.88  913.56
 9 Bruce Hudson    7041.47  905.53
10 Les Wood        6973.28  896.76
11 Ian Mason       6970.46  896.40
12 Mike Shellim    6948.29  893.55
13 Jon Edison      6817.98  876.79
14 Dave Watson     6806.04  875.25
15 Robert Carson   6682.08  859.31

Fastest time 41.68 seconds by Pete Gunning in round 5.

Number of rounds won: Pete Gunning (3), Mark Redsell (2), Mark Treble (2), John Phillips (2)