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2010 BMFA League 7

24 October 2010

Winning smile: Paul Middleton on his way to his first league win.

Tricky Tinkers

With Saturday's EPP60 race having to be abandoned because of rain, hopes were higher for the F3F competition the following day. It started well enough too - the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the views were fantastic. Unfortunately the wind was somewhat lacking both in speed and direction, leading to several periods of inactivity.

Nevertheless five rounds were completed under Jon Edison's expert direction. Paul Middleton flew superbly to notch his first win in a BMFA F3F event, Joel West was runner-up and Ronnie Lampe third. Fastest time of the day went to Joel with a 53.06.

There was lots of variety, with thirteen different models flown by twenty-one pilots. Paul Middleton flew a Vikos, both the pilot and model were handling the bases to perfection in the light conditions. Rich Bago was flying a Martinet (available from T9 Hobby Sport). Joel West and Martin Newnham were both flying Freestylers. Adam Richardson was flying his new and gorgeously decorated Vampire (unfortunately I forgot to get a photo of this).

With thanks to Jon Edison, and to the Huddersfield DMAC for organising in difficult conditions.

1  P Middleton  Vikos      3873.37
2  J West       Freestyler 3851.40
3  R Lampe      Strega     3596.92
4  J Edison     Extreme    3561.07
5  F Hulton     New Sting  3556.79
6  S Thornton   Ceres      3555.11
7  A Richardson Vampire    3549.30
8  M Newnham    Freestyler 3544.81
9  R Bago       Martinet   3490.63
10 T Shaw       Vikos      3470.21
11 J Thornton   Skorp      3462.42
12 C Landells   Skorp      3443.11
13 M Abbotts    Caldera    3404.14
14 J Philips    Predator   3376.04
15 M Shellim    Sting      3320.21
16 D Elam       Sting      3274.24
17 M Walsh      Extreme    3174.74
18 G Pilkington Strega     3045.31
19 A Scupham    Strega     3010.92
20 M Treble     Dragon     2961.24
21 E Lewis      Acacia     2808.49

2010 BMFA Championship

Top 10

1  J Phillips      1993.9
2  S Thornton      1990.5
3  J West          1961.2
4  M Newnham       1918.2
5  M Evans         1916.3
6  J Bennett       1915.9
7  M Abbotts       1903.9
8  M Walsh         1894.7
9  A Richardson    1847.5
10 F Hulton        1836.4
Complete final rankings


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The Competition

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After hours