DLG RC glider

DLG: a template for 4-servo DLGs

Current version 2.3.0 (2023-04-26)

Used in 2022 F3K World Champs by Martin Sunal, Matej Smycka and others.


'DLG' is a template for 4-servo discus launch gliders (Blaster, Snipe, Vortex etc). It runs on virtually any Open/EdgeTX transmitter, and features all the flight modes and mixers demanded by high performance DLG's. Additional documentation is provided for the popular Radiomaster Zorro.

Key features:

The template features a special CAL mode, for precise tracking of flapperons.

Taranis layout

X9D default interface (left-handed/mode 2) showing flight modes , mix adjusters.
Stick mode and layout can be customised



For DLG gliders with four servos

Any stick mode

Reassignable switches

7 Flight modes

Launch followed by Zoom

Thermal 1/2, Cruise, Speed


Voice confirmation

Camber control

preset per fm using throttle trim


Safe Zoom Exit, with warning alert


preset per flightmode

Control surface calibration

integrated 'CAL' mode

5-point balancing curve for flaps

In-flight adjusters

Adjuster for aileron diff

Adjuster for brake compensation

Adjuster for camber


Aileron to rudder mix

Launch height callout

Integrated flight timer

Channels 5,6,7 free


Version 2.3.0

Minimum requirements

  • Tx with momentary (launch) switch
  • OpenTx: v2.2.2 or EdgeTx: v2.7.1 or later


For older versions see Version history


Please report any issues or suggestions - you can find me in my contact page.
Happy DLG'ing!