Thermik XL

F3J / TD: template for 6-servo F3J sailplanes

Current version 3.1.1 (2017-04-20)


F3J/TD is a fully featured template for thermal sailplanes with 2 + 4 servos. It is popular with F3J and TD competition pilots, but is also suitable for sport flyers who want to extract the best from their sailplanes.

Key points:

A special CAL flight mode is provided, to enable precise tracking of control surfaces.

Taranis layout

X9D default interface, showing flight modes , mix adjusters.
Switch layout can be customised



for 6-servo gliders

X- and V-tail versions

Voice callouts

Flight modes

Launch, Zoom

Thermal, Cruise, Speed

Kapow, Landing

Trimming adjusters

adjuster for launch preset

adjuster for camber

adjuster for aileron diff

adjuster for spoiler compensation

adjuster for snapflap volume

adjuster for zoom reflex

Advanced mixing features

Aileron differential suppression

Reverse diff

Elev compensation with curve

Control surface calibration

special 'CAL' mode for quick setup

5-point balancing curve for flaps

Full rotation available on flap servos


F3J/TD v3.1.2

Minimum requirements

  • Transmitter with 3 pots/sliders (X9D, X9DP, X9E, X10, X12, T16, RM TX16S etc.)
  • OpenTX v2.3.15 or EdgeTX v2.9.4 or later


For list of changes see Version history


Feedback and queries are always welcome - you can contact me here.