Channel Changer


X9D screenshot

Channel Changer is a Lua script for changing the order of the outputs. You tell it which channels (between 1 and 16) to swap and the script does all the hard work - it swaps the channel names, mixers, and output curves.

By repeated swapping of channels, any desired channel order may be achieved.

The script is easy to install, and runs on any OpenTX or EdgeTX transmitter.


Channel Changer v 1.4 (4 January 2023)


  • Any tx
  • OpenTX 2.2 or EdgeTX 2.4 or later


Download (right-click, save as)

Installation instructions are in the script.

Updating references to swapped channels

Channel Changer doesn't update references to swapped channels. For sailplane templates without a motor, no action is needed since the servo channels are not referenced elsewhere in the template.

However if the template has a motor channel and you swap that channel, then please scan through the logical switches and change any references to the old motor channel.