E-Soar Maxx controlling author's MPX Heron during tests (Pete Houghton photo).

E-Soar MAXX - Pro template for F5J competition

E-Soar Maxx is an advanced template for F5J electric sailplanes with 6 servos + ESC. It's based on E‑Soar Plus, but with additional options specially for F5J competition.

Key features as follows (differences from E-Soar Plus are highlighted in red):

Additional features in Competition mode (all are optional):

The template includes a special 'CAL' mode for precise matching of control surface travels.

Note: E-Soar MAXX provides just a single 'smart switch' option for motor arming. It's quick and easy, but is better suited for more experienced flyers. Its sister template E-Soar Plus offers a choice of three arming methods including an ultra safe gesture based method, and will suit all skill levels.

X20 transmitter

Default control layout showing flight mode switches and mix adjusters. Layout is customisable.



For e-gliders with 6 servos + ESC

V-, T- or X-tail

Any stick mode

Reassignable controls

Flight modes

Cruise, Thermal, Speed

Power, Landing

Voice confirmation

In flight adjusters

Adjuster for aileron diff

Adjuster for crow compensation

Adjuster for motor/ele compensation

Crow functions

Crow/elev comp with curve

Aileron diff suppression

Reverse diff

Adjustable stick deadband


Safe arming system

Switched or variable motor control

Elevator compensation


Variable camber (Thermal mode)

Preset reflex (Speed mode)

Snapflap (any mode)

Extras in Competition mode

30-second motor timer

10-second post-run timer

Fast idle feature

Auto-disarm at 30 secs

Control surface calibration

Integrated 'CAL' mode

5-point balancing curve for flaps


Integrated flight timer

E-Soar Maxx v1.0.0

FrSky transmitter with Ethos v1.4.7 or later


Version history


Feedback and queries are always welcome - I can be contacted here.