Mike Shellim 12 April 2022

Pro templates for OpenTX

The Pro templates are a family of OpenTX templates for sailplanes and electric models. Load one into your transmitter, and in little time you'll have a fully featured and easily adjustable setup!

Each template comes with a detailed setup guide, and a programming reference.

The FAI class templates are well proven in national and international competition.

Template Type FAI class tail channels notes
DLG6S DLG F3K cross 6 DLGs with 4 wing servos
DLG DLG/F3K F3K cross 4 DLGs with 2 wing servos
E-Soar Plus E-glider F5J cross or V 7 For sport and competition
EasyGee E-glider   cross 5 For Easy Glider and similar
F3F sloper Sloper soarer F3F cross or V 6 For sport and competition
F3J/TD thermal Thermal soarer F3J/TD cross or V 6 For sport and competition
Wingy flying wing   (none) 2 For Alula, planks etc.
Wingy4S flying wing   (none) 4 For wings with four servos
Ahi sport/aero sloper   cross 4 Classic 4-channel setup

Template features

All templates share these features:


Each template has a version history page, with download links to previous versions.


Before using a template, please see the support/FAQ page for any advisories/issues.