ISSUE: Cannot calibrate flap neutral after flashing OpenTx 2.2.0


23 Oct 2017
updated 20 Dec 2017

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All templates


After flashing your transmitter from OpenTx 2.1 to OpenTx 2.2.0, the GVAR for adjusting flap neutral is locked and cannot be edited.


The cause is a bug in OpenTx 2.2.0 (update: fixed in 2.2.1). It causes the GVAR to be corrupted when the EEPROM is translated from 2.1 to 2.2 format. The translation is performed on first power up following flashing to 2.2.

The bug only occurs for translations in situ in the transmitter. If you loaded your models via Companion 2.2, then the translation will have been done correctly and no further action is necessary.


Two solutions, in order of preference:

It's also recommended to upgrade to OpenTx 2.2.1.

More info

For more info see GitHub. Fixed in 2.2.1.


Remember to test your setups thoroughly before flying.

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