OpenTX v. EdgeTx

OpenTx is a highly flexible, open source operating system for RC transmitters. It gained massive popularity with the FrSky X9D back in 2012. However development has stalled, and the focus of development is EdgeTX.

EdgeTX is a fork of OpenTX, the primary difference being support for touch screens. While the user interfaces differ, the programming is virtually identical.

Both operating systems run on a variety of hardware from RadioMaster, FrSky and Jumper and others.

What kind of models are they good for?

OpenTX and EdgeTX are suitable for a wide range of applications. At the simple end, they're ideal for multirotors where most of the work is done in the flight controller. At the other extreme, their ultra-flexible mixing make them perfect for F3X sailplanes.


Both systems offer very powerful programming, and setups can end up being complex and difficult to maintain. However, it's also possible to create setups which are elegant and simple to adjust. One of the goals of this site is to explain how to achieve this.

Pre-defined templates

If you want to get going quickly, then you might want to try one my RC-Soar templates which are available on this site. These are suitable for both sport and competition and can be freely customised. Full documentation is provided.

Getting started

You may wish to a look at Key Concepts which explains all the basics of programming.

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