Channel Changer

Last updated 25 Nov 2021 - Mike Shellim

Channel Changer is a simple script for re-ordering the outputs 1-7 of your setup. It allows you to match the outputs of a template with an existing numbering scheme, so you don't have to swap servos around.

Channel Changer runs on any OpenTX transmitter.

X9D screenshot

The script handles the swapping of channel names, output curves and associated mixers.

Download Channel Changer v 1.2 (30 April 2021)

For all OpenTX transmitters
OpenTX 2.2 and above

Installation instructions are in the script.


Use with EasyGee and E-Soar Plus

Channel Changer doesn't update references to the old channel numbers. If you use it on E-Soar Plus or EasyGee and change the motor channel, then please scan through the logical switches and update any references to the old motor channel.

No action is needed for the other (non-motorised) templates.

Compatibility with EdgeTX

Channel changer runs fine under ETX v 2.4.0. As always, make a backup and test thoroughly.