Channel Changer

Last updated 30 April 2021 - Mike Shellim

Channel Changer is a simple script for re-ordering outputs 1-7. Use it to match the outputs of your template to your existing servo connections. The script handles the swapping of output name, output curve and associated mixers.

Channel Changer runs on any OpenTX transmitter.

X9D screenshot


Download Channel Changer v 1.2 (30 April 2021)

For all OpenTX transmitters
OpenTX 2.2 and above

Installation instructions are in the script.



The script does not fix references to the old channel numbers. This shouldn't be a problem in 99% of cases, since servo channels are not normally referenced elsewhere.

The only exception known to the author is the E-Soar Plus template - if altering CH7:Motor, then check through the logical switches and update references to CH7 as necessary.