"Show It All" info widget

Last updated 5 Jan 2023


ShowItAll displays all the basics in a single widget. So you spend less time widgeting, and more time flying!

ShowItAll is included on the SD card of the RadioMaster TX16S.

Download ShowItAll v0.9.11

For transmitters with colour screens (X10/X12S, T16, TX16S etc.) OpenTX 2.2+, or EdgeTX 2.4+

Version History

Ver Date Notes
0.9.11 2023-01-05 Min pane height for full info reduced to 168 px (required for ETX 2.9.0)
0.9.10 2022-10-18 Min pane height for full info reduced to 169 px (required for ETX 2.8.0)
0.9.9 2022-02-05 Min pane height for full info reduced to 170 px (required for EdgeTX)
0.9.8 2021-10-23 Fixed 'Error in refresh(): bad argument #3' on startup in EdgeTX.
Added Cels, A3 and A4 to list of voltage telemetry
0.9.7 2021-10-03 Displays o/s name correctly when running EdgeTX.
0.9.6 2021-04-20 Autodetects voltage telemetry: RxBt, A1, or A2
0.9.5 2021-02-21 Tidied up function hms()
0.9.4 2021-01-05 Fixed negative times incorrectly displayed, increased timer font size, negative times are highlighted in inverse font. Layout enhancements.
0.9.3 2020-07-20 Added display of OpenTX version
0.9.2 2020-05-22 Fixed ‘disabled’ error when displaying in full pane
0.9.1 2020-05-16 Added option to show undefined LS's as dots
0.9.0 2019-11-23 First release