2021-06-02 v1.3 added 'super diff', fixed height callout see change log.

2021-04-09 v1.0 initial release


DLG is designed for 4-servo discus launch gliders with flapperons / brakes for example Blaster, Snipe, Vortex etc. It features all the standard flight modes for DLG, and is compatible with virtually all OpenTX transmitters.

DLG follows the same setup philosophy as the other Pro templates.

Key features:

The template features a special CAL mode, for precise tracking of flapperons. Taranis layout

Typical layout for X9D (mode 2 shown) - flight modes , mix adjusters



See Download section


- For DLG gliders with four servos
- Any stick mode

6 Flight modes

- Launch followed by Zoom
- Thermal, Cruise, Speed
- Landing
- Voice confirmation

In-flight adjusters

- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for brake compensation
- Adjuster for camber compensation

Camber control

- preset definable for each flight mode
- variable camber option in Thermal mode
- snapflap mix

Control surface calibration

- integrated 'CAL' mode
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps


- 'SuperDiff' for enhanced roll with brakes
- Aileron to rudder mix
- Launch height callout (optional)
- Reassignable controls and switches
- Integrated flight timer
- Channels 5,6,7 free for other functions

DLG v1.3.0

Any OpenTX transmitter with momentary (launch) switch
OpenTx: v2.2.1 and later.



Please report any issues or suggestions - you can find me in my contact page.
Happy DLG'ing!