2021-11-22 v1.0 released


DLG 6S is the latest addition to the Pro template family. As the name suggests, it's designed for DLGs with six servos, such as the 'Yoda'.

While it owes many features to the original 4-servo template, there are some differences and improvements. In particular, it sports a snapflap mix, two preset Thermal modes, and a simple way of adjusting crow compensation.

Key features:

The template features a special CAL mode, for quick and precise adjustment of flap and aileron travel and centres. Taranis layout

Left-handed / mode 2 layout - flight modes , mix adjusters



- For DLGs with flaps and ailerons
- Any stick mode

Flight modes

- Launch + Zoom
- Thermal1, Thernal2, Cruise, Speed
- Landing

In-flight adjusters

- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for brake compensation

Launch height announcement

- Launch height callout (ALT telemetry required)


Camber control

- camber presets, per flight mode
- snapflap, per flight mode

Control surface calibration

- 'CAL' mode for easy calibration
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps

Crow brakes

- Simple compensation adjustment
- Reverse diff for enhanced roll


- Aileron to rudder mix
- Flexible assignments
- Integrated flight timer
- Channels 7,8,9 free

DLG6S v1.0.0

Any OpenTX transmitter with momentary (launch) switch
OpenTx: v2.2.2 and later.



Please report any issues or suggestions - you can find me in my contact page.
Happy DLG'ing!