E-Soar Plus

2019-08-11: as flown in F5J World Championships by David Webb (Canada), Viktor Frunze (Russia), Oleg Golovidov (USA) and others.

2018-02-06: v3.0 released, with choice of arming gestures. For list of changes see version history


Advanced template for F5J class electric sailplanes with 6 servos + ESC.

Key features:

The template also features an integrated CAL mode, for precise adjustment of control surface tracking.

Taranis layout

Default interface (X9D + mode 2 shown) - flight modes , mix adjusters and misc



See Download section


- For electric gliders with six servos
- Support for X-, T- and V-tail
- Any stick mode
- Reassignable controls

Flight modes

- Power, Thermal, Cruise, Speed, Landing
- Voice confirmation


- Switched or variable motor control
- Safe arming with choice of gestures
- Elevator compensation

In-flight adjusters

- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for crow/ele compensation
- Adjuster for motor/ele compensation


- crow->elevator compensation
- Adjustable crow stick deadband
- Aileron differential suppression
- Reverse differential


- Variable flap (Thermal mode)
- Reflex preset (Speed mode)

Control surface calibration

- integrated 'CAL' mode
- 5-point balancing curve for flaps
- Full rotation available on flap servos


- Integrated flight timer
- Channels 8-9 free for other functions
- Aileron to rudder mix

E-Soar Plus v3.0.0

X9D, X9DP, X9E, X10, X12, J T16, RM TX16S etc.
OpenTx: v2.2.1 or later.



To use E-Soar Plus with EdgeTX, the .EEPE file must first be saved as an .OTX file. To do this: open the .EEPE file in OpenTX Companion 2.3, then save as .OTX file. The .OTX file should open fine in EdgeTX Companion. For more info about ETX compatibility, see support page.

Notes for German speakers


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