Script for crow-aware elevator trim

Last updated 5 Nov 2019


This script is for models with crow brakes. It greatly eases the task of optimising the elevator compensation curve.

The problem: In order to achieve perfect trim throughout the crow range, the pilot will fly the model and estimate the amount of compensation required at each crow setting. After landing, he will edit the curve manually, by going into the Curves menu. Some guesswork is involved and it can take several flights to optimise the curve.

The solution: With this script, the pilot can simply use the elevator trim lever to adjust pitch trim, regardless of crow. Optimisation can be done in a single flight. Behind the scenes, the trim is re-purposed to bend the compensation curve. The script knows which points to modify by looking at the crow value.

The script also displays a live view of the curve and crow value, for checking correct operation.



For Taranis X9D, X9D+, X9E
Version 2.2

For Horus X10, X12, Jumper T16

Version 2.3, fixes bug where colour affects other widgets.



For background info see "Crow-aware adaptive elevator trim" blog post.