Crow-aware elevator trim

Last updated 5 Nov 2019


This Lua script makes it easy to achieve perfect pitch trim regardless of crow. Behind the scenes, the trim lever is repurposed to bend a 5-point compensation curve. In effect, the trim becomes adaptive.

The process is completely transparent, all the pilot has to do is click on the trim as necessary. This means that compensation curve can be optimised in a single flight.

The script also displays a live view of the curve, with the crow value shown as a vertical bar (screenshot below).


With zero crow, the script emulates the default trim behaviour. After a small threshold is exceeded, the trim range increases to allow for aggressive compensation.

The script is in use on all the author's crow equipped models.



for Taranis X9D, X9D+, X9E
Version 2.2

for Horus X10, X12, Jumper T16, RM TX16s etc.
Version 2.4



For background info see "Crow-aware adaptive elevator trim" blog post.