Crow-aware elevator trim

Last updated 21 July 2022


This popular script is for sailplanes with crow brakes. It allows the pilot to optimise pitch trim quickly across the full range of crow, simply using the elevator trim. The process is completely transparent - no looking down, no switches required.

Behind the scenes, the elevator trim is repurposed - instead of applying a fixed offset, it bends the crow compensation curve. When you click the trim, the system automatically chooses the correct point to adjust, based on the crow value.

The script is compatible with all OpenTX transmitters

All data is stored with the model, so if you migrate to another transmitter, even of a different type, all your settings are preserved. Simply install the script on the new transmitter, and you're ready to go.

For more information, see "Crow-aware adaptive elevator trim" (blog post).


Current version: 3.1 (recommended).
Supports all OpenTX transmitters, including Q X7, X-Lite, X9-Lite, X9D, X10/12, TX16S, TX12 and clones.

Ver Compatible with Setup Guide (PDF) All files (ZIP)
3.1 All tx's Download Download

Older versions (deprecated):

Ver Compatible with Setup Guide (PDF) All files (ZIP)
2.2 X9D, X9DP, X9E Download Download
2.4 X10, X12, T16, TX16s Download Download

EdgeTX compatibility

Tested on the bench with ETC 2.4.0 on RM TX16S, and it appears to work fine. As always, test carefully before use.