Motor arming and kill switch

Mike Shellim 26 April 2016
Updated 3 Oct 2021

Here's a recipe for a safe arming/kill switch for an electric motor. It's designed on the premise that arming should be difficult, and killing should be easy - but not so easy that you can do it accidentallly.


To arm the motor:
  1. Throttle to idle
  2. Elevator stick back
  3. Pull SH
To kill the motor:

How it works

The system is based on the safety switch recipe with a couple of mods.

Note: in L01 and L02, 'Thr' and 'Ele' refer to sticks (not inputs) - make sure to make the correct selection (inputs are prefixed with 'I', sticks have no prefix)

Integrating in your setup

Here's the suggested mixer setup for controlling a motor on CH3:

How it works:

[An alternative method of disarming the motor is via the Channel Override special function. However, this method is not recommended as it is applied after the mixer values are calculated. This can cause problems for example if you want to query the mixer value to detect if the motor is running. The method shown above is more explicit and easier to debug.]

Download demo

The following demo shows the arming/kill switch operating on CH3.

For OpenTX 2.2 and above



The solution presented here is very safe, but cannot be used for in flight rearming. However you can substitute your own gestures for L3 and L5, to achieve the desired balance between safety and convenience.

Safety first!