Wingy 4S

04 April 2020 - v 1.0.0 - first release


Wingy 4S is the latest in the family of Pro Templates. It's designed for flying wings with 4 wing servos + optional rudder and crow brakes. Suitable models include the Angela, Wipe 2m, Amokka 202, Snap etc. The template is easy to configure, yet highly customisable.

Taranis layout

Default interface (X9D + mode 2 shown)


Hardware and o/s
See below

- 4-servo flying wings
- Optional rudder
- Any stick mode

Flight modes
- 'Normal', 'Slow', 'Speed', 'Landing'
- Independent trim settings
- Voice confirmation

In-flight adjustments
- Adjuster for aileron diff
- Adjuster for crow compensation

Crow functions
- Automatic differential suppression
- Reverse diff
- Adjustable deadband
- 5-point compensation curve

Control surface calibration
- 'CAL' mode for adjusting servos
- Balancing curve for flaps
- Full rotation on flap servos

- Customisable switch assignments

Wingy 4S v1.0.0

Any transmitter with OpenTX v2.2.1 or above



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