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BMFA League 2 S. Wales

26 April 2015

John Treble after his sizzling 31 in the sun

Thirty-one in the sun

Originally scheduled for Whitesheet, a forecast of Northerlies necessitated a shift to the Bwlch at the last moment. It turned out to be an inspired decision, as the wind was bang on the VR slope.


After a couple of rounds of fairly consistent conditions, the cumulous started to build up, and the resulting thermal activity created huge variations in times. It soon became a question of doing the best you could with the card you got dealt, and hoping that things would average out over the day. Very much like La Muela!

If that sounds negative, it's not meant to be - the possibilty of getting a decent thermal keeps us coming back for more. And it did lead to one particularly memorable flight...

John's run

John Treble was the man of the moment - he grasped the opportunity when a whacking great thermal propelled his Pitbull skywards. Far from losing his nerve, he dived straight into the course and flew a splendidly judged run for the full 10 legs. The reward - a stonking 31.67. The cheer must have been heard in Nanty Moel. It also sets a new target for son Mark, who broke his own PB with a 33.31.

Other high point - it was great to see Vic Eldridge back in action - he had two good runs before falling foul of some nasty sink, damaging his Viking slightly.


After eight rounds, it was Simon Thornton who found himself in top spot with 7306 points flying a Shinto, followed by Mark Treble on 7235 with his Toxic and Mark Redsell in third with 7189.

Andrzej Tabero was absent with a painful tooth so the organisation fell on Martin Newnham and Clayton Landells plus John Treble managing the buzzermen. Thanks to them and everyone else who helped.

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Report by Clayton Landells