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2018-19 Welsh Winter League 4

17 February 2019

Mike Evans with his Jazz

Short... but sweet!

At the Bwlch, funny things can happen with the weather. And so it was to be.

The original idea was to start at the Back of the Wrecker, but that was put paid by low cloud. Rather than hang around, and as the wind direction was forecast to swing west, we re-grouped at Mickeys where we were greeted by even worse clag and heavy rain. So instead of flying, we took shelter in our cars.

After a further hour or so the clag cleared and the sun came out, and we were finally able to start the competition. In fact, our patience was rewarded with excellent conditions!

The comp

The wind was bang on the slope for the first few flights, veering slightly crossed as the competition progressed. The conditions favoured pumping and those who took advantage had some spectacular climbouts.

Joel West had the measure of the conditions, winning four of the six rounds with some uncannily accurate flying. Graeme Mahoney picked up the remaining two to on his way to being runner-up. Mike Evans was third. Great stuff from the top three!

The weather wasn't done with yet, though - the rain cut short the comp by a round or so, but with six rounds flown, nobody was complaining.


Fastest time of the day was 30.61 by Joel. Personal bests were broken by Tony Livingstone (33.88/Fosa), Chris Studley (36.51/Needle 124), and myself (32.57/Stribog). Most pilots went home very satisfied. There were a couple of breakages though, so commiserations too - hopefully we'll see those pilots rejoin the fray soon. Many thanks to Joel and helpers for an unexpectedly splendid competition.


1  J West          4989.35   1000.00
2  G Mahoney       4612.27    924.42
3  M Evans         4571.09    916.16
4  C Landells      4538.63    909.66
5  M Shellim       4535.92    909.12
6  T Livingstone   4472.17    896.34
7  D Rumble        4438.36    889.56
8  C Studley       4093.98    820.54
9  N Whitchalls    3939.06    789.49
10 J Treble        3799.28    761.47
11 B Hudson        3577.12    716.95